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Param Pujya Mahopadhyay Shri Kshmakalyan Ji Maharaj

Khartargachha has been known for its strict saintly order and conduct. As and when any slackening in saintly conduct crept in due to human frailities, Khartagachha Acharyas and saints performed “Kriyoddhar” and re-established the true saintly conduct order.

According to Sanskrit Kshmakalyan Charit penned by Pt. Nityanandji, Kshmakalyan ji was born in Vikram Samvat 1801 i.e. 1744 A.D. to Oswal Maioo Gotra Family in Kesardesar village near Bikaner, Rajasthan. He was named as Khusalchand.

According to “Deeksha Nandi Suchi” he was ordained as Yati by Shri Jinlabh Suri. He was ordained to monkhood at the age of 11 by Shri Amritdharma ji.

He spend his Chaturmas at Bikaner and Jaisalmer. He was asked to accede to the post of Upadhyaya by Shri Jinchandrasurji and he authored many books.

He performed consecration ceremonies. He undertook pilgrimages to almost all pilgrim centres. Under his tutelage many disciples carried out various studies. He had a very neat handwriting. He was one of the most well versed scholar and authority on Jain religious scriptures.

His adoration and Mantra worship was of highest order as well as effective. There are numerous inscriptions on idols, foot prints, Shri Siddhachakra Yantra, Stupa etc. of Mahopadhyaya Shri Kshmakalyan ji.

He breathed his last at Bikaner in 1873 A D and his last rites were performed in the precincts of Rail Dadabari and a foot print and stupa were consecrated. His idols are established ay Shri Seemandhar Swami Temple and Shri Sugan ji Upasara at Bikaner.

The Special cover features a colour image of Param Pujya Mahopadhyay Shri Kshmakalyan Ji Maharaj performing Mantra energisation of Vasakshep. The special pictorial cancelation is a graphic sketch of the Vasshep. The stamp is Govardhanram Tripati issued in 2016.